Weather Solutions

IBM Weather Company

IBM - The Weather Company provides the world's leading technology platforms and services leveraging weather and related data. Weather affects every inhabitant of Earth, every day, as well as every business that serves them. It impacts everything from energy prices to media consumption, aviation safety to food costs, and so much more.

At The Weather Company, we deliver the solutions that allow businesses to achieve the best outcomes in the face of weather. Weather Means Business™.

Our organization delivers billions of forecasts a day around the world via seamless cross-platform technology. We connect newscasters, airline pilots, energy traders, insurance executives, state agency employees, retail management and more to the weather intel they need, on any device. We aggregate the deepest, richest data sets both business and consumer to deliver personal, reliable and actionable weather information, analytics and insight

Cross- Industry Weather Solutions

Weather can have an impact on every industry

A recent study found that virtually 100 percent of C-suite leaders believe that weather impacts at least one of their revenue metrics. While you can't control the weather, insight into its influence on your business can help you stay ahead of it. The Weather Company, an IBM Business, combines weather data with AI, analytics, and Internet of Things data. The result is deeper insights into weather's impact on your business, helping you make faster, more informed decisions

BRR Weather Solutions

BRR - Weather solutions are accurate and provide weather data every 15 mins in designated Latitude & Longitude. So it is easy for the customers to work on their process according to the weather conditions in their location. These Weather Solutions are focused on major domains like

  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Aviation
  • Media
  • Transportation
  • Insurance
  • Agriculture

    Supporting faster, smarter decisions across the entire agriculture ecosystem

    There is a tremendous amount of big data in modern agriculture that is created but never used. Past attempts at utilizing this data to increase yields and profitability have failed because they relied on manual input or remote internet accessibility.

    Combining artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and predictive analytics with industry expertise and decades of research aids stakeholders across the agriculture ecosystem in gaining insights into projected yields and potential problems, helping to enable better decisions

  • Energy - Utilities

    Empowering utility companies with solutions that help predict challenges before they occur

    From causing outages to affecting energy consumption rates, the weather can have a significant impact on energy and utilities. Failure to quickly and effectively respond to weather can damage profitability and customer satisfaction. With deeper insight into how weather will affect operations and energy consumption rates, providers can make more informed, proactive decisions to help improve operations, restore power faster, increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

  • Aviation

    Weather solutions for aviation

    Solutions from The Weather Company combine inflight weather data, tracking, and decision support tools to help airlines control costs, enhance flight safety, and improve operational efficiency.

  • Retail

    Make better retail decisions with weather analytics

    The correlation between weather and consumer buying patterns is rarely utilized when predicting retail trends. But even more often overlooked is weather's impact on supply chain management, product demand, and pricing.

    Data packages and predictive analytics solutions from The Weather Company, an IBM Business, can help retailers drive revenue and improve customers satisfaction by using advanced weather data to optimize back-end operations.

  • Insurance

    Weather doesn't have to cause severe damage

    Innovative insurers do more than write policies and pay claims. They also use data and analytics to discover innovative ways to improve customer satisfaction, manage risk, reduce claims, and prevent fraud.

    New solutions help insurance providers protect policyholders and prevent damage with automated alerts about severe weather and other threats, helping users protect themselves and their property while also reducing claims.

  • Media & Entertainment

    Weather solutions for entertainment

    Fan enjoyment drives your business forward, and The Weather Company offers entertainment solutions to help streamline your operations, making the experience better for your employees and customers.

    Weather solutions for broadcast media

    Broadcast media solutions from The Weather Company help you stand out in your market, better engage your audience, and monetize every screen. From television to online to mobile, learn how The Weather Company serves the media industry.

  • Transportation

    Weather solutions for ground transportation

    Weather can be a challenge for drivers, causing delays, accidents, and even injuries. Solutions from The Weather Company help drivers make better decisions to avoid danger and stay on schedule